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Step 1 - Measuring Your Truck Bed

measure your truck bed for flowtarp

Appropriately measure your truck bed in feet and inches. Starting from the back of the bed to the end of the tail gate.

Toolbox attached?
Measure from the tool box to the end of the tail gate.

Average truckbed lengths without toolbox
Short bed - 5.7'
Standard bed - 6.5'
Long bed - 8'


Step 2 - Preorder Your FlowTarp®

Every FlowTarp® is custom made to order here in the US. Add your information in here and we will contact you for the order and process payment.

Customer Testimonials

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"The FlowTarp® is very well made. The stitching and hardware are are very high quality and should last for years. I really like the tarp because it helps keep the direct sunlight off my lce box, and it affords a measure of privacy for the items in the bed of the truck."
--Jock, General Contractor